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Welcome to Due Venti Northern Italian Cuisine

Nourishing Meals ~ Made with Love 
Packaged Chilled ~ Easy to heat and serve

We hope that everyone is well.  Feeling grateful for some sunshine, and even some rain!  Below is a list chock-full of upcoming things that we are excited to offer, in addition to a spectacular weekly spring menu that we think you will all be thrilled about!   Be well, and we can’t wait to get cooking for you this week!

Don’t forget to purchase our restaurant quality wines at retail prices in the shop!  Stock up for patio season with some spectacular rose, bubbly or a Sommelier pack.


COOKING CLASSES:  Take one of our virtual cooking classes!  Learn how to make the famous Cauliflower “Fritelle”, hand-cut ricotta gnocchi and even shortbread from due venti!  If you know any kids who would like to add cooking lessons to their after-school activities, we offer an excellent program.  Visit our website here for classes!

Mother’s Day options for pick up Saturday May 8, 2021 will be available this week, Wednesday – Saturday.   You can go directly to our online store and we will also send an email to remind you. 

due venti happy hour :  We are so excited to have figured out a way to be with our customers safely!  Next month, we will be launching a virtual happy hour that takes place every 3rd Friday of each week at 6pm. Invite all of your friends!  Those who order will receive 2 bottles of the featured wines, along with our hand-crafted snacks that pair nicely with the wines.  Packages are great for groups of up to 4.  You can expect little treasures like crispy five-spiced polenta bites, roasted grapes with pistachio and goat cheese, salumi, just to name a few.  A new menu of happy hour snacks is created each month.  Pick up your happy hour kit during our Thursday pick-up time that week.  Included will be a card with the link to our Zoom call where we can hang out for 35 minutes or so. Jeffery will discuss the wines that you received while tasting together.  Special guests may join us from time-to-time like wine makers etc. You can even opt out of the Zoom call, we won’t be offended, and you can host your own happy hour!  

Menu for Pick up or Delivery on Thursday 4/15/21  (CLICK our ORDER ONLINE Button Above)

Full Dinner includes all of the following:  (choose 2 person or 4 person)

Appetizer: Spring inspired bruschetta blend;  Artichokes, marinated cauliflower, white beans. herbs, roasted garlic and lemon (vegan/gluten free)

Salad: due venti house salad-  heirloom greens, golden raisins, pine-nuts, gorgonzola and our beloved lemon-herb vinaigrette

Entree: Crepe Lasagna:  Layers of handmade crepes,  pesto cream sauce and house-made chicken sausage.  Comes with a side of walnut-caper brussels sprouts. (Lasagna is nut free; brussels sprouts contain nuts)
Breaded eggplant bake:  Layers of breaded eggplant, a zesty tomato sauce, ricotta and mozzarella,  Comes with a side of walnut-caper brussels sprouts.  (vegetarian)

Treat: Strawberry -Rhubarb crisp (vegetarian/nf)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A La Carte:
~ Chilled and blanched rainbow heirloom carrots and mung beans dressed with a zesty sherry-vinaigrette, garlic, red onion, caraway,       mint and finished with goat cheese; add salmon to make it a complete meal

~ Whole grain Za’atar flatbread with goat cheese, pickled figs and arugula
    (gluten free by using grains like sorghum, rice and psyllium, and it’s delicious)

~Quart of Red Lentil Dal (filling enough for a meal)

~Baked Taleggio Cheese (vegetarian/nf if omitting sauce on the side)

~Large Salad (vegetarian/gf/nf if omitting nuts on side)

~Roasted Olives (vegan/nf/gf if omitting crackers on the side)

~Chewy dark chocolate-tahini-black sesame (grain free)

XO, Chef Nicole and the due venti team

There are no plans for us to  open the dining room to the public, currently.  There are logistical reasons for our decision and we also want to continue to keep our family and community safe. However, if you are interested in having a private dinner at d.v. with a small group, shoot us an email or a phone call for more details.  

due venti is committed to keeping our community safe by only serving take-away meals and conducting contactless curbside pick up or delivery for the foreseeable future.  Please stay safe and healthy during this time. 

Choose for 2 OR 4 persons.   Four-course menu for 4 ppl =$34 per person and 2 ppl = $37 per person

All of our items are cooked just right and packaged cold to maintain freshness + quality. 

Items come with easy to reheat instructions.  Can be consumed up to 6 days after purchase

At this time our dining room is closed for public dining.  We don’t have plans to re-open the dining room with the limited capacity.  However, we are pleased to continue offering a way for guests to enjoy a quality meal from due venti at home.  We think of these meals as our version of gourmet comfort food,  re-invented. A new menu is posted every Sunday (posted here on the website and shared via our email subscription list. Subscribe below for all the latest).

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