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Welcome to Due Venti Northern Italian Cuisine

At this time our dining room is closed for public dining.  We don’t have plans to re-open the dining room with the limited capacity.  However, we are pleased to continue offering a way for guests to enjoy a quality meal from due venti at home.  We think of these meals as our version of gourmet comfort food,  re-invented. A new menu is posted every Sunday (posted here on the website and shared via our email subscription list. Subscribe below for all the latest).

Menu for Pick up or Delivery on Thursday 2/25/21 (see details of this weekly program below)

Order between Sunday and Tuesday at noon every week (Some items may sell out before the ordering period ends)

Complete four-course dinner (for 2 or 4 ppl) includes the following:

Appetizer  Dueling dips: Walnut Tartoor (walnuts, bread, garlic & olive oil) and whipped feta served with crostini and pickled veggies on the side (vegetarian)

Salad Due venti house salad with gorgonzola, golden raisins, pine nuts & lemon-herb vinaigrette

Entree ” Goulash Trieste” a northern Italian style stew. Choose tender local pork or hearty mushroom. Includes spices, tarragon, tomato, onions and carrots finished with our house made creme fraiche! Comes with egg noodles.

Dessert Spiced carrot cake with honey and mascarpone frosting

A la Carte:

~ Risotto Kits; add Shrimp (limited quantity) 

    Pair this with our newest addition to the wine list, “Massolino” Barolo

~Beef Barley Soup

~Roast sweet potatoes with cream, dates & capers

~Baked Taleggio

~Roast Olive Kits

~Bread and Butter/Gluten free artisan bread available

~Large due venti salad

Choose pick-up or delivery. This service takes place each week on Thursday between 4pm and 6pm.  When you order, the system generates a time slot in the order received.  The time you are given is when your order will be ready, up to 15 minutes after.  Simply pull into our parking lot and wait for someone to greet you.  No need to call!  Please do your best to arrive at the time you were assigned to ease flow of traffic.  If you cannot make your time slot, just come when you can between 4pm and 6pm, but allow extra time when needing an order out of sequence fulfilled. Thank you to everyone for making this a smooth and successful procedure every week!


Warm and comforting foods made from scratch! Choose items from a la carte or a wholesome four-course dinner.

Choose for 2 OR 4 persons.   Four-course menu for 4 ppl =$34 per person and 2 ppl = $37 per person

All of our items are cooked just right and packaged cold to maintain freshness + quality. 

Items come with easy to reheat instructions.  Can be consumed up to 6 days after purchase.

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