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Welcome to Due Venti Northern Italian Cuisine

Week of September 1, 2021

Dear valued guests,

Although our time as “due venti” has come to a close, we will be so excited to see all of you in a new location with a new concept!  You can find us in Berkley Michigan (3142 Coolidge Highway) later this year!  Our new space needs a lot of love and work, but we are up for the task to bring you an eatery that is warm, inviting and a community hub for everyone!  Read on to hear our story as to why we are changing gears!

It goes without saying that this ongoing pandemic has turned all of our lives around and in all different directions that none of us ever expected; some for better, some for worse.  All in all, Dave and I, along with our staff, feel very grateful for where we stand today after what this industry has been through. Our hearts go out to local small businesses who have been struggling with either staffing issues, financial hardships etc. If you know anyone with a small business,  or you yourself are struggling in your own  business, we are always here to help or to listen, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  

The events that took place last winter forced us to rethink our entire way of doing business and we were able to came up with something that we thought would be temporary, but we never imagined it would sustain us for over a year. We cannot thank our amazing guests enough.  Whether you ordered a weekly take out meal just once, or you were one of the guests we saw every single week, because of you, we have been able to stay in business while looking ahead to the future with some ease. Dave and I have nothing but gratitude in our heart for all of the above.  

During this time we have had more family time than ever before, one of the “pros” of a pandemic. In fact, our oldest son (2nd grade) had an end of year reflection project for school.  His favorite thing that happened  this year was “daddy coming home early every day”.  You can’t even imagine how our hearts swelled (and tears), when we read this.  I guess we never realized how much working nights and weekends impacted our children.  Running a fine dining restaurant, turns out,  is not as conducive to family life as we had hoped and we did it for 8 years while raising children. This past year revealed that we need to make a change for the betterment of our family, but while serving our community through our passion for food and service.  We aren’t closing our doors today, and there will be plenty of time for everyone to dine with us or order a weekly meal before we make changes; more details of that below. 

There are probably others like us who have found that their career choices have made family life difficult.  We see you, we sympathize with you 100% and know that you can find a way to do what you love and raise a family.  It may take time to figure out, but you can and deserve to have both.  We are here for anyone in the same boat or for anyone who feels lost and frustrated by this situation, just reach out. 

 We could never imagine not being in business for ourselves and having the freedom and creativity to serve our community in the way we choose and we will get to celebrate our 13th year “restaurant anniversary” in August before we go on to the next thing.  This has been a long and wonderful run at due venti and we feel so lucky that we have been around this long. When we founded d.v., we had no idea where it would take us nor that it would be the time of our life. We could never thank everyone enough for all of the support, laughter, hugs, and sharing of food, wine and stories.  You all have become family to us, the due venti family as we like to call it.  Yes, it will be sad to leave our space and move to another location.  But we  have realized that the spirit of due venti that lives in all of our hearts will always exist and wherever we go, that spirit will follow, as well as our style of food and service!
So, what’s next, you ask?! Our lease is coming to end in the not-too-distant future, making this our best opportunity for a move.  Jeffery Pyke will join forces with us to become a third owner in our next venture.  Of course you can expect that he will be our lauded wine expert.  All of the details can’t be shared just yet because we are still in negotiations with the building owner etc. But we are confident enough in this move that we wanted to share the news. We are working hard to get the next spot going in a fantastic neighborhood not too far from Clawson.  This new concept is very exciting and it will allow us more creative freedom, a broader spectrum of food related services, and a balanced life with work and family.  Not just for us but for our entire staff.  You can expect the same high quality cuisine and service, just in a different way. We will update you as things progress and can’t wait to share more!  This period of time will be crazy, to say the least.  Closing one business and starting another will take some time, but we can’t wait to see you on the other side!  We appreciate your support and patience during the transition.  

PRIVATE PARTIES/CATERING OPPORTUNITIES: During our transition phase, we are able to arrange private parties OF ALL SIZES, in your home, if that is something you are interested in, especially with upcoming holidays etc.   We hope that you will consider our services during that time and know that you will be assisting us in staying afloat while we build out the new space via throwing a great party!  Contact us at 248-506-7538 to learn more. 

What an honor to be on this journey with all of you over the past 12 years.  Please know that your relationship to us is very important and we will understand if many of you have a lot of feelings about this announcement.  It was our deepest desire to tell each and every one of you in person because we feel such loyalty to our guests.  But the fact of the matter is, there are just too many wonderful people to tell,  making that an impossible task.  Although we have some sadness, we know that this is just the closing of one chapter of our book and there is so much excitement for our new venture and the ability to use our culinary creativity in a new way.  Our hope is that you will want to continue to support us at our Clawson location and look forward to visiting us at our new spot.  Be well, and reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. Cheers to the past, the  present and the future!

Chef Nicole and family


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