About Us

he unique culinary history, agriculture, and age-old handcrafting practices of Italian cuisine are highly regarded as you experience this seasonal menu.  Husband and Wife chef team, David and Nicole Seals, have prepared a menu that utilizes the seasons, old family recipes, authentic preparations, along with their creative touches on dishes inspired by the northern regions.  Hints of Austria, Switzerland, and France are typical, as these countries border Northern Italy and share practices that were dictated by geography and history.   The chefs are constantly striving to bring guests dishes that represent all of the above, as they never tire of researching and experimenting recipes of these regions.

The tradition of using small batch production to maintain the quality and integrity of ingredients is embraced here at due venti.  Every item is prepared in house, from the stocks used to prepare soups and sauces, handmade breads, fresh pastas, house smoked fish and poultry, preserves, ice creams, sorbets, and much more.  Authentic culinary products that cannot be reproduced in the limited space here, such as the exquisite cheeses, cured meats & olives, are imported directly from Italy.  Locally grown produce, dairy & meats are used as much as possible, in order to support local Michigan agriculture.  All of the items used to create the dishes, whether local or imported, are only purchased from small producers that use the highest quality ingredients and practices.  The theme is continued when the culinary treasures arrive into the kitchen here at due venti, where it is given love and respect through the chefs’ creative preparations.

Due Venti translates to the numbers 2 and 20.  It signifies the address, but more interestingly, it is also the exact number of miles southeast of Rome, Italy, at which point, the North-South gastronomic boundary begins.  It continues northeast, curving along the Apennines, the Trento River, and ending at the Adriatic coast.  For 3,000 years it was a political boundary, as well as a natural frontier for the Romans, and to this day is still recognized as the route that distinguishes Northern Italy from Southern.  (source: The Food Of Italy by Waverley Root)

The paintings throughout the establishment and outdoors, were painted by
Eva Cafini-Theodoroff, the late grandmother of Chef Nicole.  She painted nearly 300 paintings from 1964 to 2007 and her artwork is the theme for due venti.  Eva’s parents were born in Ascoli-Piceno, Italy, a small village of northern Italy, and came to the States in the early 1920’s.  They continued their traditions on a little plot in Detroit where Eva was raised and influenced by her father’s green thumb as he grew grapes, made his own wine, and even grew an olive tree. Her mother taught her how to cook authentic Italian dishes. As Eva became a mother and grandmother, she gave boundless love through her food and hospitality and richly influenced many, especially David and Nicole. In fact, Eva was the inspiration for the chefs to open such a dining establishment.  The staff at due venti would like to offer service and cuisine in the same spirit as Eve, while they share their passion for a unique and delicious cultural heritage.

Buon Apetito!